Our creative team functions like an art collective. We have a core team that find and work with creatives, artists, developers and designers from all over the world. This allows us to remain as fluid as our project briefs.

We build bespoke, specialised creative teams for each project we deliver.

We are a global family of creators. We still “jam” together regularly, playing with new techniques, experimenting with new technology and always thinking of new things and new ways to create.


Our team of digital wizards have decades of experience in creating visually appealing, story driven. We are masters of bringing art into the metaverse.

Audio + Music

Interactive + Game Development

We dont just work with digital – our team are adept at creating real world “things” for project that require a more classical interpretion strategy.


We understand how to tell stories with objects. If the objects exist, we can help you utilise them. If they dont, we can help you to create them.

Writing + Poetry

We are the gurus of all things immersive. If a sensor, device, display or tool exists to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, chances are we have worked with it.


We understand how to effectively blend the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds in a way that is psychologically tailored to maxmimse audience engagement in any given scenario.


Tactile + Sensors

We enjoy working with charities, schools, community groups on projects that are close to our heart.


We are passionate about working with groups that support social causes, climate change and the championing of underrepresented groups within the creative industries. If you have a project you need our expertise with, please reach out